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Streamline your sales process today with highly targeted decision maker's contact information and hard to find sales data.

Hyper Lead Targeting Like No Other

Find me 100 VP of Product in USA within a SaaS Company with at least 200 people in the entire company that raised at least $1 mil USD in the past 6 months

Find me 100 E-commerce in USA doing at least $1 mil in annual revenue that is currently using Shopify as their main platform and currently have an active social media and blog.

Find me 100 SaaS companies in Europe that is using Salesforce as their CRM and running at least 2 paid advertising campaigns.

Our hyper-targeted sales data will help you convert your leads at least 50% better.

Any filters - You can specify any filters for your leads. For example, you might only want the CMO of E-commerce companies doing more than 5 mil in revenue using Shopify. Tell us what you need and we'll find it.

Custom Data Points - What if you need more than just an email and first name?

Maybe you need their social profile or maybe you need a recent blog article that they've posted. We include custom data points without any extra charge to make your life easier!

Quick Turnaround - No need to wait weeks before getting your leads. We'll get you high-quality and accurate data within 3-4 business days. 


Manual Verification

What's the point of buying a lead list where 20% of the emails bounce? We manually verify all the contact information and data points before sending things over to you to ensure up to date contact information and insane accuracy.

Quality over Quantity

Get access to the most in depth targeting and data points to continually find new prospects that most closely fit your ideal customer profile. The better your targeting and the more data you have, the better chance of you closing the deal and receiving a hot response.

1. Get in touch

Get in touch with us. Then we'll send over a quick form for you to fill out, so that we can learn more about the type of leads you are looking for and the ideal ICP/target that you are looking for. We'll also advise you on the type of leads that suits your business best.

2. We do the hunting

Based on the information that you provide for us, we'll go scouting out for qualified leads. We do all the grunt work and you just spend your time closing more deals. We combine technology with manual research to get you the best results. 

3. Leads Delievered

Within 3-4 business days, we'll get back to you with a spreadsheet of all the leads you are looking for. Use the leads however you like and get ready to scale up! Whether you are looking for 10,000 leads or 5,000, we'll scale with you.

Our process

Jorge Soto - Firstcut

Customer Love

Thanks to GrowthOK, I've been crushing 125-130% quota since June!

- Michael Nguyen - Streak

GrowthOK will get you the most targeted sales leads with any custom data points or demographic targets. Works really well for niche industries as well. The data is top notch and accurate.

- Dan Murphy - CultureAmp

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