FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does GrowthOK differ from other sales data and lead generation solutions?

Good question! Unlike other lead generation services, we take targeting to a whole different level. We can work with any filters or advanced targeting that you are looking for in a lead. That way we can ensure that all of the leads that we provide for you are highly qualified and you will more than likely close the lead.In addition, we will add custom data points without charging you extra for it. You can request extra information such as company size, certain software used etc. and we'll make it happen. 

2. What happens after I sign up for a package?

Once you sign up for one of our packages, someone from our team will reach out to you with an onboarding form, where our team will learn everything about your business and targeting. We'll get back to you if there's any questions, but most of the time we will get started right away and provide you with the lead list within 3-5 business days max.

3. What industry do you usually work with the most?

We work with all types of industry. With that said, we're best at working with software and B2B companies with a small sales team. That way we can ramp up your lead generation process and you can focus on closing the qualified leads. 

4. I don't have a sales team, can I still use GrowthOK?

Absolutely, you can still use us and we'll help you build out your lead generation at any possible way we can. We'll advise you on the best target for leads from our experience and we'll scale up with you, so that when you do have a full sales team, you can use us at full force without problems.

5. What contact information is included in a lead?

All leads come with basic contact information including name, company, title, email, website, and more. The power of GrowthOK is that you can request additional data points and contact fields such as social media profiles, direct dials and anything that will help you with your sales process.

6. Can I switch up my targeting?

Every month we will be giving you a new set of leads based on any targeting that you prefer. Many companies that work with us switch up their targets monthly to test new markets and new industries.

We'll be more than happy to adjust any targeting for every batch of leads that you receive from us.