Let us do the grunt work of prospecting for you!

Targeted list building, personalized emails, email follow ups done for you

All our outreach campaign begins with a targeted list building. We'll go over with you and your team on the ideal customer profile to target and we'll build a list of contacts based on the target.

We can narrow things down to technology data, personalized data, demographic filtering, role targeting and many more.

Hyper targeted list building

Here's what doesnt work anymore -  Sending out messages that don't take into account the values and priorities of your customers and hoping that they will care about your offerings.

To solve this problem we take an account based approach where we hand craft personalized emails based on the data that we retrieve from the accounts. That ensures that it doesn't come from a generic template.

Personalized crafted emails

Following up is key to success in prospecting. It requires a lot of manual work, but it's apart of our process. Typical follow ups such as "just checking in" or "bump" doesn't work anymore. 

We hand craft personalized email follow ups to send your prospects more relevant information and following up 3-4 times is all apart of our process! 

Follow ups

Once the lead is interested, we'll forward the lead straight to your team for them to handle the closing! 

At the end of the day, your team understands your product way more than we do, so we let you handle all the qualified meetings and we focus on setting them for you! 

Wake up every day to new qualified opportunities to keep your pipeline full at all times!

Get results in your inbox!

Communication is key for us. We take customer success very seriously. 

As soon as you begin working with us, we'll invite you to our private workspace and live chat, where you'll have access to instant updates, responses, checklist and weekly check ins. 

We'll work closely with you to understand your targeting and refine our messaging so we can ensure you the best and most successful outreach campaign ever.

No stress communication!

Ready to get things rolling?




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